Tools and Resources

This page lists various databases and software resources developed by the Kaeberlein Lab.  At the bottom are links to free databases and software developed by others.


Core Resources - access restricted

A collection of databases and workflow tools for the UW aging core collaboration groups.

Lifespan Observation Database

Published lifespan data across species under genetic, chemical, and environmental intervention. The succesor of the Aging Genes and Interventions Database.

Science of Aging Web (SAGEWEB)

The SAGEWEB site is a community-driven platform for tools and resources in the biology of aging.

Yeast CLS Database - access restricted

Yeast chronological lifespan data and analysis.

Yeast RLS Database - access restricted

Pooled yeast replicative lifespan data and analysis across yeast dissection experiments.


Polysome Analayzer

Plots polysome gradient data and calculates peak areas.

Random Number Generator

Generates random integers over a given range. Useful for selecting random clones from a library.

Ranksum Test

Calculates ranksum p-values using R wilcox.test function.

Repeat Generator

Generates a column of target numbers matching the given count.


Extracts rows from a set of data where the first column matches values in a target list.

Worm Finder

Gets library and plate locations for a list of genes. Includes data from Ahringer & Vidal (Partial) Worm Libraries.

Yeast Outgrowth Data Analyzer (YODA)

Analyzes growth curves generated by the Bioscreen C reader, computing doubling times and relative survivals on a sequence of outgrowth curves.




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