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2017-03-29 "Transaldolase inhibition impairs mitochondrial respiration and induces a starvation-like longevity response in Caenorhabditis elegans" published in PLoS Genetics.
2017-03-08 Purina announces partnership with Dr. Kaeberlein to educate pet owners about the importance of healthspan.  See the press release.
2017-02-28 "Asymptomatic heart valve dysfunction in healthy middle-aged companion dogs and its implications for cardiac aging" published in Geroscience.
2017-02-24 "Systems biology approach to late-onset Alzheimer's disease genome-wide association study identifies novel candidate genes validated using brain expression data and Caenorhabditis elegans experiments" published in Alzheimer's Dementia.
2017-02-22 "Environmental Canalization of Life Span and Gene Expression in Caenorhabditis elegans" published in J. Gerontology.
2017-02-21 "CAN1 Arginine Permease Deficiency Extends Yeast Replicative Lifespan via Translational Activation of Stress Response Genes" published in Cell Reports.
2017-01-29 "A review of the biomedical innovations for healthy longevity" published in Aging.
2017-01-18 Video of Dr. Kaeberlein's panel discussion at the Economist "Business of Longevity" conference.
2016-12-19 "Dietary restriction and lifespan: Lessons from invertebrate models" published in Aging Research Reviews.
2016-10-26 Dog Aging Project Reddit AMA starting at 3 PM EST.
2016-10-11 "Rapamycin enhances survival in a Drosophila model of mitochondrial disease" published in Oncotarget.
2016-10-10 Dr. Kaeberlein discusses our recent eLife paper on The Naked Scientists.  Listen to the podcast.
2016-08-31 Dr. Kaeberlein talks about geroscience and the Dog Aging Project on Southern California Public Radio's AirTalk.  Listen to the interview here.
2016-08-29 The Dog Aging Project featured in Smithsonian Magazine interview with Daniel Promislow.
2016-08-26 "Age-associated vulval integrity is an important marker of nematode healthspan" published in the Journal of the American Aging Association (AGE).
2016-08-23 "Transient rapamycin treatment can increase lifespan and healthspan in middle-aged mice" published in eLife.  Full text here.
2016-07-19 Interview with Dr. Kaeberlien on DVM360.  "Rapamycin: A real fountain of youth?"
2016-07-01 "Rapamycin in aging and disease: maximizing efficacy while minimizing side effects" published in Oncotarget.
2016-07-01 "New insights into cell non-autonomous mechanisms of the C. elegans hypoxic response" and "New functional and biophysical insights into the mitochondrial Rieske iron-sulfur protein from genetic suppressor analysis in C. elegans" published in Worm.
2016-06-24 Podcast with Dr. Kaeberlein on SmartDrugSmarts: "Rapamycin: The Real Deal Anti-Aging Pill?"
2016-06-07 Dr. Kaeberlein discusses aging research and the cancer 'moon shot' on The Takeaway.
2016-05-17 Kaeberlein Lab research featured on the front page of the New York Times.

Monique Ming Laven and KIRO TV visit the Kaeberlein lab to report on the Dog Aging Project.  See the video here.

2016-05-03 "The dog aging project: translational geroscience in companion animals" published in Mammalian Genome.
2016-05-02 UW Medicine Pulse podcast on the Dog Aging Project with Dr. Kaeberlein and Dr. Promislow.
2016-03-22 "Microfluidic Technologies for Yeast Replicative Lifespan Studies" published in Mechanisms of Ageing and Development.
2016-03-08 Dr. Kaeberlein and Dr. Promislow interviewed on KIRO Radio's Ron and Don Show.
2016-02-23 Kaeberlein lab research on the Dog Aging Project featured in Popular Science.
2016-01-13 "Aneuploidy shortens replicative lifespan in Saccharomyces cerevisiae" published in Aging Cell.
2015-12-28 Congratulations to Christine Chen and Heather Huang on being awarded Mary Gates Research Scholarships.
2015-12-03 "Healthy aging: The ultimate preventative medicine" published in Science as part of a Special Collection on the Biology of Aging.  Free text can be downloaded from our Publications Page.
2015-11-19 "Cell nonautonomous activation of flavin-containing monooxygenase promotes longevity and health span" published in Science.  Free text can be downloaded from our Publications page.
2015-11-02 "Biochemical Genetic Pathways that Modulate Aging in Multiple Species" published in Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med.
2015-10-27 "Sorbitol treatment extends lifespan and induces the osmotic stress response in Caenorhabditis elegans" published in Frontiers in Genetics.  Full text here.
2015-10-26 "Tether mutations that restore function and suppress pleiotropic phenotypes of the C. elegans isp-1(qm150) Rieske iron–sulfur protein" published in PNAS.
2015-10-12 "A Comprehensive Analysis of Replicative Lifespan in 4,698 Single-Gene Deletion Strains Uncovers Conserved Mechanisms of Aging" published in Cell Metabolism.
2015-09-22 "Systematic analysis of asymmetric partitioning of yeast proteome between mother and daughter cells reveals "aging factors" and mechanism of lifespan asymmetry" published in PNAS.
2015-09-09 Kaeberlein Lab featured on KOMO TV News.
2015-08-26 "Transcription errors induce proteotoxic stress and shorten cellular lifespan" published in Nature Communications.
2015-08-10 Kaeberlein Lab research and the Dog Aging Project featured on King 5 New Day Northwest.
2015-07-22 "Dose-dependent effects of mTOR inhibition on weight and mitochondrial disease in mice" published in Frotiers in Genetics of Aging.


2015-07-16 Congratulations to Mitchell Lee for recieving an HHMI Gilliam Fellowship.
2015-07-15 "H3K36 methylation promotes longevity by enhancing transcriptional fidelity" published in Genes and Development.
2015-06-17 "The Biology of Aging: Citizen Scientists and Their Pets as a Bridge Between Research on Model Organisms and Human Subjects" published in the Journal of Veterinary Pathology.
2015-06-17 "The Biology of Aging: Citizen Scientists and Their Pets as a Bridge Between Research on Model Organisms and Human Subjects" published in the Journal of Veterinary Pathology.
2015-05-15 Kathlyn Acosta, Vikram Akam, Bhavya Chhabra, Andrew Iakzaki, Dayae Kim, Jane Kwon, Maryann Li, Alison Leonard, Margarete Moore, Billie Ocampo, Shirley Park, Taide Pham, Nick Rintala, Elissa Sutlief, Oliver Tamis, Herman Tung, Tiffany Yang, and Tracy Zou presenting at the University of Washington 2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium.
2015-05-04 "PMT1 deficiency enhances basal UPR activity and extends replicative lifespan of Saccharomyces cerevisiae" published in AGE, the journal of the American Aging Association.


2015-04-29 "Why Is Aging Conserved and What Can We Do about It?" published in PLoS Biology.
2015-04-17 Jane Kwon and Andrew Ikazaki to present their research at the National Council on Undergraduate Research.
2015-02-26 "Fertile waters for aging research" published in Cell.
2015-01-01 "Syringaresinol protects against hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced cardiomyocytes injury and death by destabilization of HIF-1α in a FOXO3-dependent mechanism" published in Oncotarget.
2014-12-19 "Enhanced Longevity by Ibuprofen, Conserved in Multiple Species, Occurs in Yeast through Inhibition of Tryptophan Import" published in PLoS Genetics.
2014-12-05 Congratulations to Alison Leondard for being awarded a Mary Gates Research Scholarship!
2014-12-04 Congratulations to Simon Johnson for winning the Science and SciLifeLab Translational Medicine prize for his essay "A target for pharmacological intervention in an untreatable human disease".
2014-11-26 The Dog Aging Project featured in Reuters video.
2014-11-17 "Citizen science hopes to add healthier years to dog lives" featured in UW Health Science News.
2014-11-03 The Dog Aging Project featured on the front page of the Seattle Times.
2014-10-31 UW Healthy Aging and Longevity Research Institute website is online.  Visit it today.
2014-10-29 The Dog Aging Project featured in Nature News.  Donations to the Dog Aging Project can now be accepted through the UW Foundation.
2014-10-28 Symposium on Healthy Aging in People and Their Pets will be held at Hotel Deca, Seattle.  If you are interested in attending, you can register here.
2014-10-23 Alessandro Bitto and Jason Pitt to give the Genetic Approaches to Aging Trainee Research Presentations.  10/23 2:30-4 PM Foege N-130.
2014-10-13 "Modulating mTOR in aging and health" published in Interdisciplinary Topics in Gerontology.
2014-08-07 "Rapamycin and ageing: When, for how long, and how much?" published in Journal of Genetics and Genomics.
2014-08-01 "A Drosophila model of mitochondrial disease caused by a complex I mutation that uncouples proton pumping from electron transfer" published in Dis Model Mech.
2014-07-30 Congratulations to Dr. Melana Yanos on her successful Ph.D. thesis defense!
2014-07-17 "The SAGA Histone Deubiquitinase Module Controls Yeast Replicative Lifespan via Sir2 Interaction" published in Cell Reports.
2014-07-01 "Rejuvenation: It's in Our Blood" published in Cell Metabolism.
2014-06-03 "Inactivation of Yeast Isw2 Chromatin Remodeling Enzyme Mimics Longevity Effect of Calorie Restriction via Induction of Genotoxic Stress Response" published in Cell Metabolism.
2014-05-16 Congratulations to all of the Kaeberlein Lab undergraduates who participated in the 2014 Undergraduate Research SymposiumVikram Akam, Christine Chen, Shiwen Chen, Michael Chung, Cindy Dong, Farzin Eshaghi, Bruce Huang, Conner Jarvie, Grace Kim, Jane Kwon, Alison Leonard, Maryann Li, Margarete Moore, Billie Ocampo, Nic LeTexie, Nick Rintala, Nathan Schurman, Sarah Stanton, Iryna Strenytska, Elissa Sutlief, Ben Zipkin
2014-04-21 Kaeberlein Lab research featured in UW Medicine Magazine article "Why we age".
2014-04-17 Congratulations to Cindy Dong for being awarded a pretigious Mary Gates Research Scholarship and acceptance to the Univerity of Washington nursing program.
2014-03-26 "Activation of the mitochondrial unfolded protein response does not predict longevity in Caenorhabditis elegans" published in Nature Communications.
2014-02-13 "The mitochondrial unfolded protein response and increased longevity: Cause, consequence, or correlation?" published in Experimental Gerontology.
2014-02-02 The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII.  Thanks for the great season and for bringing Seattle its first Super Bowl victory.  Go Hawks!
2014-02-01 "Oxygen and aging" published in the Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics.
2014-01-31 "Chemical warfare in the battle of the sexes" published in Science.
2014-01-30 "Nar1 deficiency results in shortened lifespan and sensitivity to paraquat that is rescued by increased expression of mitochondrial superoxide dismutase" published in Mechanisms of Ageing and Development.
2014-01-10 PATH517 "The Biology and Pathology of Aging" meets on Fridays during Winter Quarter from 2-4:20 PM in T-474.  Please refer to the course website and discussion list for additional details.
2014-01-07 "Lifespan extension conferred by endoplasmic reticulum secretory pathway deficiency requires induction of the unfolded protein response" published in PLoS Genetics.


2013-12-18 Congratulations to Nathan Schurman and Jane Kwon for each being awarded a 2014 Mary Gates Research Scholarship.
2013-12-10 "UV-Photoconversion of ethosuximide into a potent nematode toxin" published in PLoS One.
2013-11-26 "mTOR Inhibition: From Aging to Autism and Beyond" published in Scientifica.
2013-11-14 "mTOR Inhibition Alleviates Mitochondrial Disease in a Mouse Model of Leigh Syndrome" published in Science.  Read the UW news release here.
2013-11-13 "Preserving Youth: Does Rapamycin Deliver?" published in Science Translational Medicine.
2013-10-29 Dr. Kaeberlein to participate in the panel discussion "Aging Research: The Latest Biomedical Perspectives" hosted by the American Federation for Aging Research.
2013-10-15 "Yeast replicative aging: A paradigm for defining conserved longevity interventions" published in FEMS Yeast Research.
2013-10-15 "Buffering the pH of the culture medium does not extend yeast replicative lifespan" published in F1000 Research.
2013-09-30 "Deciphering the role of natural variation in age-related protein homeostasis" published in BMC Biology.
2013-08-22 "The ribosomal protein rpl22 controls ribosome composition by directly repressing expression of its own paralog, rpl22l1" published in PLoS Genetics.
2013-08-19 Congratulations to Dr. Simon Johnson on his successful Ph.D. thesis defense.  We wish him the best as he begins in post-doctoral research with Dr. Yousin Suh at Albert Einstein Medical College.
2013-07-11 "Molecular mechanisms underlying genotype-dependent responses to dietary restriction" published in Aging Cell.

Kaeberlein Lab undergraduates to present at the 2013 University of Washington Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Poster session 1 (11:00 AM to 12:30 PM): Xiaoli Wu, Alison Leonard, Hillary Miller.  

Oral session 1 (1:15 PM to 2:45 PM): Shannon Klum, Hillary Miller, Maya Sangesland, Melissa Primitivo, Heather Schneider.

Poster session 3 (2:30 PM to 4:00 PM): Jessica Hui.

Poster session 4: (4:15 PM to 5:45 PM): Yiyi Zhang, Jingyi Dong, Ashley Tonge, Jane Kwon, Janice Khoo, Malika Jhawar, Alex Van-Den-Ende, Alysha Dhami, Ha Doan

2013-04-12 Kaeberlein Lab research featured in UW Medicine Online News.

Congratulations to the following Kaeberlein Lab undergraduates on acceptance of admission into Ph.D. programs:

Marissa Fletcher - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Biology

Sean Higgins - University of California, Berkeley, Molecular & Cell Biology 

Shannon Klum - Scripps Research Institute, Kellog School of Science and Technology 


"A Natural Polymorphism in rDNA Replication Origins Links Origin Activation with Calorie Restriction and Lifespan" published in PLoS Genetics.

2013-03-04 "Longevity and aging" published in F1000 Prime Reports.
2013-02-27 The deadline for applications to attend the Molecular Biology of Aging Summer Course at Woods Hole this summer is March 11, 2013.  Directed by Dr. Kaeberlein and Dr. Daniel Promislow, this is a  

three-week lecture and laboratory course featuring the newest and most exciting ideas in aging research, with emphasis on molecular approaches.  All costs of attending the course are paid for by the Ellison Medical Foundation.  

For further information and application forms, visit:

2013-02-26 "WormFarm: A quantitative control and measurement device towards automated C. elegans aging analysis" published in Aging Cell.


2013-02-21 Story in UW News about Kaeberlein Lab research.  "Drugs to slow aging are a matter of when, not if".

"Life-Span Extension From Hypoxia in Caenorhabditis elegans Requires Both HIF-1 and DAF-16 and Is Antagonized by SKN-1" published in J. Geronology.

2013-01-21 "End-of-life cell cycle arrest contributes to stochasticity of yeast replicative aging" published in FEMS Yeast Research.


2013-01-18 "mTOR is a key modulator of ageing and age-related disease" published in Nature.
2012-12-17 Congratulations to Shannon Klum, Melissa Primitivo, Heather Schneider, and Marissa Simko for being awarded Mary Gates Research Scholarships!
2012-12-09 "Dietary restriction and mitochondrial function link replicative and chronological aging in Saccharomyces cerevisiae" published in Experimental Gerontology.



"Resveratrol Rescues SIRT1-Dependent Adult Stem Cell Decline and Alleviates Progeroid Features in Laminopathy-Based Progeria" published in Cell Metabolism.

2012-12-01 Have another cup of coffee!  "Caffeine extends life span, improves healthspan, and delays age-associated pathology in Caenorhabditis elegans" published in Longevity and Healthspan.
2012-11-30 "Genome-Wide RNAi Longevity Screens in Caenorhabditis elegans" published in Current Genomics.
2012-11-20 "Stress profiling of longevity mutants identifies Afg3 as a mitochondrial determinant of cytoplasmic mRNA translation and aging" published in Aging Cell.
2012-10-18 Dr. Kaeberlein to give the 2012 Vincent J. Cristofalo Lectureship at the University of Pennsylvania.
2012-10-12 "Elevated MTORC1 signaling and impaired autophagy" published in Autophagy.
2012-10-01 Congratulations to Dr. Adrienne Wang on being appointed to the Genetic Approaches to Aging Training Grant.
2012-09-04 Dr. Kaeberlein to speak at the 22nd IUBMB 37th FEBS conference in Seville, Spain.
2012-08-15 "pH neutralization protects against reduction in replicative lifespan following chronological aging in yeast" published in Cell Cycle.
2012-07-26 "Yeast as a model to understand the interaction between genotype and the response to calorie restriction" published in FEBS Letters.
2012-07-25 "Rapamycin Reverses Elevated mTORC1 Signaling in Lamin A/C-Deficient Mice, Rescues Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Function, and Extends Survival" published in Science Translational Medicine.
2012-07-12 Dr. Kaeberlein to speak at the Aging, Metabolism, Stress, Pathogenesis, and Small RNAs conference.
2012-07-03 "Replicative and Chronological Aging in Saccharomyces cerevisiae" published in Cell Metabolism.
2012-06-27 "Ageing: A healthy diet for stem cells" published in Nature.
2012-05-25 Congratulations to Dr. George Sutphin who successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis.
2012-05-18 Kaeberlein Lab undergraduates present their research at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Marissa Fletcher, Shannon Klum, Melissa Primitivo, Heather Schneider and Marissa Simko gave oral presentations.  Elroy An, Emma Bishop, Sean Higgins, Jessica Hui, Monika Jelic, Ki-Soo Jeong, Jilly Kim, Shannon Klum, Winston Lo, Hillary Miller, Dillon Pruett, Alex Schuster, Marissa Simko, Natalie Trongtham, Helen Vander Wende, and Pranav Venkataraman presented posters.  Pictures on Facebook.
2012-04-28 Dr. Kaeberlein to speak at the Northwest Biology Instructors' Organization Conference.
2012-04-16 "Midlife gene expressions identify modulators of aging through dietary interventions" published in PNAS.
2012-03-13 "Hypertrophy and senescence factors in yeast aging" published in FEMS Yeast Research.
2012-03-12 Congratulations to Mollie Holmberg, Sean Higgins, Shannon Klum, Marissa Fletcher, and Heather Schneider for each being awarded a Mary Gates Research Scholarship!
2012-02-29 "Ribosome deficiency protects against ER stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae" published in Genetics.
2012-01-09 "A new chronological survival assay in mammalian cell culture" published in Cell Cycle.
2012-01-06 Path 517: The Biology and Pathology of Aging meets Fridays at 2:30 PM during Winter Quarter.  See the course webpage for locations and course materials. 
2011-12-05 Congratulations to Natalie Trongtham for being awarded a Mary Gates Research Scholarship!
2011-12-02 Dr. Kaeberlein featured in Science Magazine News Focus on Sirtuins
2011-11-21 "The MDT-15 Subunit of Mediator Interacts with Dietary Restriction to Modulate Longevity and Fluoranthene Toxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans" published in PLoS One.
2011-11-19 Dr. Kaeberlein selected as a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America.
2011-11-19 "Genome-wide analysis of yeast aging" published in Subcell Biochem.
2011-09-21 "Absence of effects of Sir2 overexpression on lifespan in C. elegans and Drosophila" published in Nature.
2011-09-19 "Composition and acidification of the culture medium influences chronological aging similarly in vineyard and laboratory yeast" published in PLoS One.
2011-09-16 UW Pathology Department retreat at SLU.  See the schedule of talks.
2011-09-10 "Sir2 deletion prevents lifespan extension in 32 long-lived mutants" published in Aging Cell.
2011-09-07 "Elevated Proteasome Capacity Extends Replicative Lifespan in Saccharomyces cerevisiae" published in PLoS Genetics.
2011-08-23 Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Schleit on her successful Ph.D. thesis defense.
2011-07-21 "Trinations Aging Symposium" meeting report published in Mechanisms of Ageing and Development.
2011-06-16 Dr. Kaeberlein to speak at the 2011 Summit on Systems Biology.
2011-06-11 Congratulations to graduating Kaeberlein Lab undergraduates: Devon Chandler-Brown, Rick Moller, Joe Peng, and Minnie Singh.
2011-06-04 Dr. Kaeberlein to give the Vincent Cristofalo Memorial Rising Star Award Lecture at the American Aging Association Annual Meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Joe Delany, Devon Chandler-Brown, and Simon Johnson will present posters at the conference. 
2011-05-30 Pictures from the Undergraduate Symposium added to the Kaeberlein Lab Facebook Page.
2011-05-20 Several members of the Kaeberlein Lab will present their research at the 2011 University of Washington Undergraduate Research Symposium. Devon Chandler-Brown, Heather Schneider, and Eric McCarthy will give platform presentations.  Umema Ahmed, Emma Bishop, Ani Begun, Sylvia Sim, Monika Jelic, Elroy An, Annie Chou, Natalie Trongtham, Rick Moller, Pranav Venkataraman, Jilly Kim, Marissa Simko, Marissa Fletcher, Melissa Primitivo, Sean Higgens, Minnie Singh, and Dilreet Rai will present posters.  
2011-05-10 Dr. Kaeberlein to speak at the Yeast as Models and Tools Symposium in Madrid, Spain.  The symposium is sponsored by the Fundacion Ramon Areces.
2011-05-06 Dr. Kaeberlein announced as the 2011 recipient of the Vincent Cristofalo “Rising Star” Award in Aging Research from the American Federation for Aging Research. 
2011-04-29 Dr. Kaeberlein to speak at the 1st Tri-Nations' Aging Symposium held at Guangdong Medical College in Dongguan, China.
2011-04-02 "A genomic analysis of chronological longevity factors in budding yeast" published in Cell Cycle.
2011-03-10 Dr. Kaeberlein to speak at the Model Systems of Aging conference in Cologne, Germany.
2011-03-08 Dr. Kaeberlein will speak at "The molecular basis and modification of the aging process" conference in Amsterdam.
2011-03-03 Sageweb has a whole new look.  Check it out!
2011-03-01 The Kaeberlein Lab celebrates its 5th anniversary!
2011-01-17 "HIF-1 modulates longevity and healthspan in a temperature-dependent manner" published in Aging Cell.
2011-01-01 "Quantitative evidence for early life fitness defects from 32 longevity-associated alleles in yeast" published in Cell Cycle.
2010-12-22 "Hot topics in aging research: protein translation and TOR signaling, 2010" published in Aging Cell.
2010-11-25 "Restoration of senescent human diploid fibroblasts by modulation of the extracellular matrix" published in Aging Cell.
2010-11-21 Dr. Kaeberlein to speak at the Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting in New Orleans.
2010-11-18 Dr. Kaeberlein to speak at the American Society of Nephrology meeting on TOR Signaling in Aging.
2010-10-01 "Regulation of mRNA translation as a conserved mechanism of longevity control" published in Adv Exp Med Biol.
2010-08-13 "The hypoxia inducible factor HIF-1 functions as both a positive and negative modulator of aging" published in Biological Chemistry.
2010-07-06 Pictures from the summer party are up on the Kaeberlein Lab Facebook Page.
2010-06-25 "A role for SIRT1 in the hypoxic response" published in Molecular Cell.
2010-06-01 Dr. Kaeberlein becomes co-director of the UW Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging.
2010-04-04 Devon Chandler-Brown named a 2010 Goldwater Scholar.  
2010-03-25 "Lessons on longevity from budding yeast" published in Nature.
2010-03-18 "YODA: Software to facilitate high-throughput analysis of chronological life span, growth rate, and survival in budding yeast" published in BMC Bioinformatics. YODA can be accessed through SAGEWEB.
2010-02-11 Kaeberlein lab research featured in Time magazine.
2010-01-26 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute course OLL106962 "Why we age: New insights into the molecular causes of aging" meets Tuesdays at 10 AM in FSH 102.  If you are enrolled in the course, click here to go to the course website.
2010-01-25 "Regulation of mRNA Translation as a Conserved Mechanism of Longevity Control" published in the book Protein Metabolism and Homeostasis in Aging edited by Nektarios Tavernarakis.  
2010-01-21 "Resveratrol and rapamycin: are they anti-aging drugs?" published in BioEssays.
2009-12-23 Kaeberlein Lab research featured in U.S. News and World Report.  
2009-12-21 Congratulations to Devon Chandler-Brown on receiving a Mary Gates Research Scholarship for the second consecutive year.
2009-12-21 Congratulations to Ben Dulken for receiving a Mary Gates Research Scholarship.
2009-11-05 "Spermidine surprise for long life" published in Nature Cell Biology.
2009-10-31 Dr. Kaeberlein appointed as a Distinguished Visiting Professor of the Institute for Aging Research at Guangdong Medical College in Dongguan, China.
2009-10-15 Science in Medicine Lecture by Dr. Kaeberlein.  "Molecular mechanisms linking diet, disease, and aging".
2009-10-02 "Aging is RSKy business" published in Science.
2009-10-02 PATH517 "The Biology and Pathology of Aging" meets Fridays from 2:30-4:30 in T-478.  For more information, see the course website.
2009-10-01 Podcast with Dr. Kaeberlein speaking on aging-related research from the Tufts Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging.
2009-09-26 "Attenuation of Age-Related Metabolic Dysfunction in Mice With a Targeted Disruption of the C{beta} Subunit of Protein Kinase A" published in Journal of Gerontology.
2009-09-11 "Hot Topics in Aging Research: Protein Translation, 2009" published in Aging Cell.
2009-08-03 Dr. Kaeberlein discusses "why we die" on SETI radio.
2009-08-01 "The hypoxic response and aging" published in Cell Cycle.
2009-07-08 "A midlife longevity drug" published in Nature.  This News and Views provides perspective on the recent report that the TOR inhibitor rapamycin increases life span in mice.  Also see the UW press release "Longevity Pill on the Horizon".
2009-06-25 "Measuring replicative lifespan in the budding yeast" published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments.
2009-06-19 "The TOR pathway comes of age", a comprehensive review on the role of TOR signaling in aging, published in Biochim. Biophys. Acta.
2009-06-15 "A genomic approach to yeast chronological aging" published in Methods in Molecular Biology
2009-06-11 "Histone H4 lysine 16 acetylation regulates cellular lifespan" published in Nature
2009-05-15 Dr. Kaeberlein was awarded the 2009 Undergraduate Mentor Award
2009-05-15 Anna, Devon, Jenny, and Alex participated in the Undergraduate Research Symposium
2009-05-12 Quantifying Yeast Chronological Life Span by Outgrowth of Aged Cells and Measuring Caenorhabditis elegans Life Span on Solid Media published by Journal of Visualized Experiments
2009-04-16 "Proteasomal Regulation of the Hypoxic Response Modulates Aging in C. elegans" published in Science.
2009-04-15 Dr. Kaeberlein will be speaking at the Association of Health Care Journalists annual meeting on April 17th.
2009-03-15 "A molecular mechanism of chronological aging in yeast" published in Cell Cycle.
2009-03-04 Congratulations to Anna Le and Devon Chandler-Brown for being awarded Mary Gates Research Scholarships.
2008-12-25 The Kaeberlein Lab Facebook Group is on-line.
2008-11-25 "Shortest-path network analysis is a useful approach toward identifyinggenetic determinants of longevity." published in PLoS One.
2008-09-09 Dr. Kaeberlein speaks about the potential of sirtuins as therapeutic targets for age-associated disease at the 44th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Rome, Italy.
2008-09-08 "Hot topics: Protein translation 2008" published in Aging Cell.
2008-08-07 "A molecular age barrier" published in Nature.
2008-08-01 Dr. Kaeberlein awarded a 2008 New Scholar in Aging Award from the Ellison Medical Foundation.
2008-07-02 "The ongoing saga of sirtuins and aging" published in Cell Metabolism.
2008-06-20 Congratulations to graduating seniors Erika Korinke and Stephanie Ortman! Both will be beginning medical school in the fall.
2008-06-02 Dr. Kaeberlein presents research findings at the Nathan Shock Centers of Excellence in Basic Biology of Aging Symposium at the 2008 American Aging Association Annual Meeting
2008-05-16 Six Kaeberlein Lab undergraduates presented research at the 2008 University of Washington Undergraduate Research Symposium. Posters: Christina Davis, Alex Huh, Erika Korinke, Anna Le, Jenny Sagar. Platform Presentation: Brynn Lydum.
2008-05-08 Alex Huh selected as a 2008 NASA Space Grant recipient.
2008-05-07 "Age- and calorie-independent life span extension from dietary restriction by bacterial deprivation in Caenorhabditis elegans" published in BMC Developmental Biology.
2008-04-17 "Yeast lifespan extension by depletion of 60S ribosomal subunits is mediated by Gcn4" published in Cell. See the press release.
2008-03-15 Dr. Kaeberlein participated inthe Alzheimer's Association Western and Central Washington State Chapter 8th Annual Gala Dinner and Auction, "An Evening to Remember". More than $150,000 was raised to support research in the Kaeberlein lab toward developing therapies to prevent Alzheimer's disease.
2008-03-13 "Quantitative evidence for conserved longevity pathways between divergent eukaryotic species" published on-line in Genome Research . See the press release.
2008-03-12 Dietary restriction suppresses proteotoxicity and enhances longevity by an hsf-1-dependent mechanism in C. elegans published early on-line in Aging Cell.
2008-02-27 "A high-throughput quantiative analysis of yeast chronological life span" published in the Journal of Gerontology.
2008-01-10 PATH501 "Molecular Mechanisms Linking Diet, Disease, and Aging" meets each Friday during Winter Quarter from 3:30-5PM in I-132.
2007-11-26 Undergraduate researchers Alex Huh, Erika Korinke, and Brynn Lydum received the prestigious Mary Gates Scholar Award. They join past Kaeberlein Lab Mary Gates Scholars, Brynn Lydum and Joe Jardine.
2007-11-17 Dr. Kaeberlein will chair a session on "TOR and Aging" at the 2007 Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
2007-11-14 Dr. Kaeberlein will participate in the 2007 National Academies Keck Futures Initiatives on "The Future of Human Healthspan" from November 14th-17th.
2007-11-13 Dr. Kaeberlein will speak at the 2007 Buck Institute Symposium on "Nutrient Signaling and Aging".
2007-11-12 "Dietary restriction by bacterial deprivation increases life span in wild-derived nematodes" published early online in Experimental Gerontology.
2007-10-21 Dr. Kaeberlein will present at the 2007 CASW New Horizons in Science Briefing
2007-09-14 "Protein translation, 2007" published early online in Aging Cell
2007-09-02 "Molecular Basis of Aging" published early online at EMBO Reports
2007-07-17 Dr. Kaeberlein appeared on ABC News Nightline in a story discussing the potential of resveratrol for human health