PATH501 Winter Quarter 2008

Molecular mechanisms linking diet, disease, and aging.

Instructor: Matt Kaeberlein
Assistant: Lara Shamieh

1 credit
Meets: 3-5 PM Fridays.  I-132.
Class Website:
Class Email

Grading: This class only has 10 sessions.  Attendance and participation are critical for a successful course. 

For those taking the class credit/no credit, you will receive credit if you attend at least 8 sessions, take part in your group presentation, and participate in weekly discussions.  You will not receive credit if you miss more than two sessions, unless the absences are approved prior to class or in the case of an unforeseen emergency.

For those taking the class for a grade, you will receive a grade of 4.0 if you attend at least 9 sessions, take part in your group presentation, and participate in weekly discussions.  Each unapproved absence beyond 1 will result in a reduction in grade of 1.0 (2 absences = 3.0, 3 absences = 2.0, etc.). 

Contact information.  Please be sure to put your name and email address on the class list.  Messages sent to the class email list will be forwarded to everyone in the class.  This will allow for distribution of announcements and class discussion.

Group presentations.  Everyone in the class should form a group with one or two additional people.  Each group should pick one Weekly Topic that they will be responsible for providing a background presentation of ~30 minutes on.  Each week, the class will discuss 2-3 papers following the background presentation.  The group responsible for giving the background presentation should have ready 8-10 discussion topics or questions related to the papers, to keep the discussion lively.

Other information.

The papers to be read each week will be posted on the class website as PDFs at least one week in advance.  Optional background reading material or information the group in charge of the weekly topic would like to make available will also be posted on the website.

Once each day you will receive the email digest for the Calorie Restriction Society email list.  The CR Society is a dietary restriction interest group and many members self-practice dietary restriction.  Your personal email address will not be signed up for the CR Society email list (unless you do so yourself).  We may discuss interesting threads in class from time to time.

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