Molecular Mechanisms of Aging

Research in the Kaeberlein Lab is focused on developing therapies for age-associated diseases by targeting the pathways that regulate aging.

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2014-08-07 "Rapamycin and ageing: When, for how long, and how much?" published in Journal of Genetics and Genomics.
2014-08-01 "A Drosophila model of mitochondrial disease caused by a complex I mutation that uncouples proton pumping from electron transfer" published in Dis Model Mech.
2014-07-30 Congratulations to Dr. Melana Yanos on her successful Ph.D. thesis defense!
2014-07-17 "The SAGA Histone Deubiquitinase Module Controls Yeast Replicative Lifespan via Sir2 Interaction" published in Cell Reports.
2014-07-01 "Rejuvenation: It's in Our Blood" published in Cell Metabolism.
2014-06-03 "Inactivation of Yeast Isw2 Chromatin Remodeling Enzyme Mimics Longevity Effect of Calorie Restriction via Induction of Genotoxic Stress Response" published in Cell Metabolism.
2014-05-16 Congratulations to all of the Kaeberlein Lab undergraduates who participated in the 2014 Undergraduate Research SymposiumVikram Akam, Christine Chen, Shiwen Chen, Michael Chung, Cindy Dong, Farzin Eshaghi, Bruce Huang, Conner Jarvie, Grace Kim, Jane Kwon, Alison Leonard, Maryann Li, Margarete Moore, Billie Ocampo, Nic LeTexie, Nick Rintala, Nathan Schurman, Sarah Stanton, Iryna Strenytska, Elissa Sutlief, Ben Zipkin

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